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EAGLE Transformational Coaching Offers:

EAGLE Transformational Coaching works with individuals and groups within and outside of business to create sound decision making processes with people new to Leadership and new Leadership roles, raise and maintain a supportive leadership structure to develop long-term morale, productivity and full potential of a leader, team, workforce or peer group. 

How is this done?

As a Certified Business and Transformational Coach, I offer:

•    1:1 Coaching Programmes. This is over an agreed period of time.  This programme will deliver Client driven tangible results within a pre-defined process.

•    Group Coaching Programmes. This programme works with a Leadership Team but also incorporates the interaction of the team within an agreed framework of sessions.  This is often a client driven result package but can also incorporate an initial period of discovery. Discovering the present issues, barriers and obstacles that are impeding ultimate visions.

•    Intensive Packages. These can be 1:1 or group seminar sessions either on-line or ‘in-the-room’ over an agreed period of 2-5 days.

•    Retreat Packages.  A range of client agreed topics, addressed through presentations, group and individual sessions.  These packages are a holistic approach outside of the work environment and run for 4-6 days.

•    Online Training. For virtual national and international training in leadership, maximizing potential of a team or leadership role.

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