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Discover the you that can SOAR.

Transformational Business Coaching in Leadership.

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I’m Nicholas Witherick

  • Business & Leadership Coach, Speaker

  • Author of The Life I Lead book

  • Host of The Life I Lead Podcast

​I founded EAGLE Transformational Coaching as a practical action to create great leaders. I fully believe that creating great life-habits of self leadership will translate into your leadership of others, objectives, opportunities, challenges and successes.


EAGLE Transformational Coaching works with individuals and groups within and outside of business to create sound decision making processes with people new to Leadership and new Leadership roles, raise and maintain a supportive leadership structure to develop long-term morale, productivity and full potential of a leader, team, workforce or peer group.

What My Clients Say

"I worked with Nicholas And EAGLE Transformational Coaching after asking him to create a programme for newly appointed Department Leads across three Academies. I could see the immediate impact following his intensive month with us. I can now feel the cohesive approach to leadership that sits across our departments. Our department staff have high morale, share ownership of inevitable challenges and above all are motivated to continually aim high for our students. I will absolutely ensure all newly appointed leaders within the Academy Trust spend a period of their induction with him."

Rachel – Bristol. Principal Academy Trust. September 2022

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The Life I Lead Podcast

This podcast offers a candid exploration of modern day leadership, providing practical insights and resources to elevate your leadership prowess.

Dive into down-to-earth discussions that empower you with the tools needed to enhance your leadership capabilities, fostering growth, empowerment, and inspiration for both those you lead and those who lead you.

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Listen on your preferred App.


Unlock your leadership potential now with our coaching program

Embark on a transformative journey towards becoming an exceptional leader.

The Life I Lead Book

If you're slightly fatigued by the relentless bombardment of leadership development strategies, then please take this book to a quiet space and read it.

This book shows you that in order to develop and maintain an effective and influential leadership, you need to create a lifestyle of sound habits that become second nature to you.


This book will help you build a platform on which you can stand as an Authentic, Influential, Compassionate and Discerning Leader.

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