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Cultivating Effective Leaders through 5 Core Lifestyle Values

Hi, I'm Nicholas Witherick – Director and Founder of EAGLE Transformational Coaching, and we're dedicated to raising the bar of Leadership across various sectors.

Having spent 10 years in education teaching Religious Studies, Philosophy & ethics to GCSE and A' Level students, I became passionate about developing the leadership skills in my students. Without diminishing the power and necessity for academic achievement, I felt that the importance and recognition of developing leadership skills, sound life habits and a true understanding and appreciation of Self, was just as important.


I founded EAGLE Transformational Coaching as a practical action to create great leaders. I fully believe that creating great life-habits of self leadership will translate into your leadership of others, objectives, opportunities, challenges and successes.

Education, Credentials & Training

  • Spent 10 years in Education teaching Religious Studies and Philosophy & Ethics, fostering the leadership skills of GCSE and A-Level students​

  • Became a leader within the Heritage Sector working with committed and driven volunteers in historic cultural sites in England

  • Spent 9 years as an Estate Manager for the Victoria & Albert Museum London, working with some of the world's greatest conservators, curators, and designers

  • Founded EAGLE Transformational Coaching as a practical action to create great leaders

  • Currently serves as a business coach, leadership coach and speaker

  • Author of The Life I Lead book

  • Host of  The Life I Lead Podcast


The 5 Core Lifestyle Values: E.A.G.L.E


Find the strength and character, intrinsic to all people, to recognise their self-worth, confidence and a logical recognition that ‘Without you’ the leadership, project, job, relationship, scope of work is LESS. ‘With you’, it is STRONGER.


Find the strategy and skills to overcome hurdles, obstacles and setbacks. This will enable you to balance, prioritise and ‘dig-deep’ to find the tools you have inside you to ensure what is drawn from you is strength, focus and determination. Where people normally see un-surmountable issues which lead to dis-hearted complacency, you will create the habit of optimism, positivity and un-locked potential in your Leadership.

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Once you’re empowered with a sound acquired strategy, see how your self-belief, ability and strategic prioritisation skills grow. Your approach NOW will be to Achieve, not appease. You are NOW Valuable not vulnerable and You are NOW Focused not frightened.


With an open-minded and open-hearted truthfulness with Yourself, You will now be able to create the space, logical mindfulness and Strategic Character to Launch a renewed version of how you Lead, interact, appreciate and believe in your own achievable success.


Give yourself 6 months of ANYTHING and we at EAGLE can guarantee it will become a life-habit. You will now have the skills to commit, challenge yourself, push-through adversity having followed this programme of coaching in all 5 spheres of your life: Leadership, Relationships, Finances, Social and for some Spiritual. Watch evolution take place in your lifestyle.

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